12.  Auswanderer aus Leitersweiler, Saarland und Breitenbach, Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

1. Quelle: Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig ohne die Stadt
                 Braunschweig und Landkreis Holzminden von Fritz Gruhne 1846 - 1871
2. Quelle: www.ancestry.com

3. Quelle: Find a grave: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=6290021

1. Abraham Kieffer,
    * 1700 Sankt Wendeler Landkreis, Saarland, Germany
    + 26. Sep. 1788 Berks County, Pennsyvania Colony, British America
         V.: Hans Leonhardt Küfer, *1679 - 1765
        M.: Anna Margaretha Heyel Küfer * 1680 Meisenheim, Germany
             + 20. Jun. 1748 Mölsheim, Germany
     oo 02. Feb. 1734
2. oo Anna Barbara Gerhard, * 1720 Leitersweiler, Saarland
    + 1750 Berks, Pennsylvania Colony, British America

        Anna Barbara Gerhard is the daughter of Nickel Gerhard. She married Abraham Kieffer 2 Feb 1734
Liedersweiler, Saar, Germany. They had children
Peter, Nicholas, Maria Elizatha, Theobald, Jacob, Maria Apppolonia, Christian. They immigrated on the ship Two Brothers. 

        Abraham Kieffer, a German immigrant to the United States, Abraham Kieffer arrived in Philadelphia on 15 Sep 1748 on the ship Two Brothers. He worked as a tax collector in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He is believed to be the son of Hans Leonhardt and Anna Margaretha (nee Heyel) Kieffer (I do not vouch for the dates for Hans and Anna Margaretha, nor the maiden name of Anna Margaretha for the linked individuals); husband of Anna Barbara Gerhardt; father of Maricha (Maud), Christian, Johan Nicholas, Johann Peter, Maria Elizabeth, Johann Theobald (De Wald), Maria Appalonia, Abraham, and Johan Jacob.

Researchers originally believed Abraham Kieffer was buried at Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Berks County, Pennsylvania. This appears to be because the minister of Zion Lutheran, Charles G. Herman, presided at his funeral, and noted his burial in the records of Zion Lutheran Church. C.Z. states he is buried at Kieffer Cemetery, Lyons, Maxatawny Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, based on the contemporary works of Rev. Willis K. Heckler. I have not seen any original records, nor Rev. Heckler's books at this point. 

3.   Christian Kieffer (1726 - 03.Mar 1794 Frederick County, Maryland, USA)*

4.   Johan Nicolaus Keefer (12. Nov. 1734 Germany - 08. Jul 1818 Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA)*

5.  Johann Peter Kieffer (1735 Saarbruecken - 1816 Kutztwon, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, USA)*
     Johann Peter is the son of Abraham Kieffer and Anna Barbara Gerhart. He was born in Zwibrucken. He married Susanna Butts about 1755 and had children Daniel, Jacob, John, Susan, Margaret. I do not know where they are buried yet. Maybe in Franklin Co, Pa.
Information from Biographical Annals of Franklin co Pa. Abraham and 3 sons and brother Casper immigrated from Germany. The Immigrant." Came to America on the ship "Two Brothers," in 1748, from the Rhine Valley area; Lived near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. 

6.  Maria Elizabeth Kieffer Bieber (24. Apr. 1737 Breitenbach - 21. Jul 1812 USA)*
    Wife of Dietrich Bieber:   Mertz Church,Dryville, Pa. record: The record of this Elizabeth Kieffer is as follows, from "The Records of Christ (Mertz) Lutheran Church in Dryville, Rockland Twp., Berks County, PA," translated by Elaine D. Schwar,
1997, p. 178:
"Maria Elisabeth BIEBERN nee KIEFERN b. 24 Apr 1737 Breitenbach, Zweibrucken, d. 21 July 1812,
    age 75 yrs 3 mos less 3 days";   Courtesy of Leslie Lewis, 6th great-granddaughter

7.  Johann Theobald Kieffer (18. Dec. 1738 - 1817 Upper Strasburg Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, USA)*
Called DeWald. He settled in Upper Strasburg, Berks, Franklin, PA. He married Hanna Fox. They moved to Franklin County from Kutztown after the Revolutionary War and laid out/founded the town of Upper Strasburg in 1789, where he kept a tavern, which was also a noted resort.

Dewald Kieffer moved to Franklin County in 1789 where he founded the town of Upper Strasburg.

Arrived in Philadelphia from Germany aboard the "Two Brothers" on 15 Sep 1748, settling near Kutztown, Berks Co, PA. He moved to Franklin Co after the Rev War and laid out the town of Upper Strasburg in 1789, where he kept a tavern which was also a noted resort.

Dewald Keefer emigrated from Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany where he was born to American in 1748.
It is believed that Abraham Keefer, Sr. left Europe with his four sons of which one died at sea. The ship passenger lists state that Abraham Keefer, Caspar Keefer, and Abraham Keefer, Jr. arrived in America on September 15, 1748 on the ship "Two Brothers". Caspar Keefer's wife died in Germany and Abraham Keefer, Jr.'s wife is not listed on the ship passenger list, but that's expected. The Keefer family first settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

In 1789 Dewald Keefer purchased land from James Clark in Upper Strasburg, Frnaklin County, Pennsylvania.

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Probably bordering France(Same province in Germany as George Beaver)1
5 Sept 1748 came over from Zwer Brucken on the Rhine with Father and 2 brothers.
Will of Dewald Keefer( -1833)m.Hannah Fox
Franklin County Pennsylvania Wills.Liber D. ff 275-276
(Seen on microfilm at Pennsylvania state Archives, Harrisburg, Pa.
Biographical Annals of Franklin Co. Pa.
Published by Genealogical publishing Co. Chicago. 1905

DeWald is listed as a Revolutionary War Veteran from Berks Co., PA

Dewald Kieffer's Will from the courthouse in Chambersburg is dated 21 June 1817.
8.  Johan Jacob Kieffer (20. Oct. 1741  - 1748 )*

9.  Maria Appolonia Kieffer (1741 Germany- ___unkown_)*

10.  Abraham Kieffer (13. Jan 1747 Breitenbach, Kusel, Germany  - ___Berks, Co., Pennsylvania, USA)*

11.  Maricha Kieffer (1748 - 1784 Frederick, Frederik Co., Maryland, USA)*

12.  Johann Jacob Kieffer (08. Sep.1750 Merztown, Pennsylvania, - 21. Sep.1809 Maiden Creek, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, USA)*
 Jacob was Christened 26 Jan 1751 at Mertz Church, Mertztown, Lancaster Co.(section of county became Berks Co. in 1752), PA.

When Jacob died, the Charles Evans Cemetery did not exist. He was transferred/reinterried here from another cemetery.
  Eva Margaretha Küfer (1697 - ____)*
  Hans Velten Küfer (1699 - ____)*
  Abraham Kieffer (1700 - 1788)
  Hans Balthasar Küfer (1702 - ____)*
  Johann Casper/Caspar Kieffer (1704 - 1768)*
  Maria Katharina Küfer (1708 - ____)*
  Martin Küfer (1716 - ____)*
  John Michael Kieffer (1724 - 1805)*
Source: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=6290021


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