.. Auswanderer aus Lippe, Detmold, NRW, Germany

1. Fred Hansmeyer,
* abt. 1810 Lippe Detmold, Prussia, Germany
      + 18.Sep. 1850 Ixiona, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA
2.   oo Wilhelmina Hay
* abt. 1810 Lippe Detmold, Prussia, Germany
     + 1848 in St. Louis, MO, USA
3. Henry Hansmeier
* 03. Nov. 1833 Lippe, Detmold, NRW, Germany
   + 21. May 1911 Oak Grove Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co. IL. USA
4. Catharina Elizabeth Schmidt * 13. Jul. 1836 Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany
  + 28. Oct. 1899 in Beardstown, Cass Co. IL, USA

HENRY HANSMEYER/MEIER born in Lippe-Detmold, Prussia, Germany, the son of Fred and Wilhelmina Hue (Hoy) Hansmeyer. (Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler, and Brown Counties, Illinois, pub. 1892)

Henry came from pure German ancestry and of hardy stock. His father and mother were of the same province. In 1849, they came to the US and landed in New Orleans after a 7-week voyage. The family came up the Mississippi to St. Louis, where Wilhelmina and one child died of cholera after being there one week. His father, Fred, and four children came to Chicago where 16-year-old Henry was attacked by cholera and confined to the house for two weeks. He joined his father and the other children at Watertown (no state) and it was near there that Fred died about 1 year later being then in middle life.

Henry is the second of four sons (1892 reference - no siblings listed). He came to this country in 1849 and lived on a Jefferson County, Wisconsin, farm until 1851, working for $10 a month. He came to Beardstown in 1851 and still worked by the month, for a time for $10. He saved his money, became a stock dealer and trader and did various things until he accumulated enough to purchase land. In 1865, he found himself on safe ground for business, which he carried on successfully and extensively. He was an active farmer and stock raiser until 1880 when he retired from business and moved to Beardstown. He owned a fine farm of 306 acres, 250 of which is under the plow and the rest in pasture, good land and all supplied with 1st class farm buildings. He purchased this farm in 1865 and also owns some good residence property in Beardstown, the opera house building at Mount Olive, Illinois, and other residence property there, as well as land in Oklahoma.

He was married in Beardstown 20 November 1857 to Catherina Schmidt, born in Hesse-Darmstadt on 13 July 1836.. She was the daughter of the Rev. George and Kate (Katherine?) Schmidt who came to the US in 1856, settling in Beardstown, where they died. Mr. Schmidt was for many years pastor of the Lutheran Church. He was a fine minister and an anti-slavery advocate, a Republican in politics and a leader in his community. Mrs. Hansmeyer is a great worker in the Lutheran Church and a very fine woman. They have four children, Augusta C., Wilhelmina Paulina, Catherina / Katherine Elizabeth, and William H., a miller, public-spirited, Republican, and member of the 4th Street Lutheran Church where he was a trustee for sixteen years.

Wife Catharina died 28 October 1899 in Beardstown. Henry's second marriage to Mrs. Margaret Kuhl Manken on 3 July 1901 in Beardstown included an anti-nuptial contract which is recorded in Cass County court records:
"During the married life of the said parties, the said Henry Hansmeyer shall provide for the said Margaret Manken according to his condition in life and as a husband should provide, and the said Margaret Manken shall properly and fully perform her duties as wife"

Henry died 21 May 1911 in Beardstown and is buried there with wife Catherina.

Children all born in Beardstown:
A. Augusta C.(Catherina?) b. 1859 , m. Henry William Oetgen on 13 March 1879 in Beardstown. Henry and Augusta lived in Beardstown, where they died; he in 1919 and Augusta in 1941. They are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Beardstown. They have 3 children: Arthur, Homer, and Inez Oetgen Callings.
William Oetgen, father of Henry William was born in Hanover, Germany May 31, 1817. He came of pure German ancestry. William's father, G. Henry, was a native of the same place, born in 1787, died December 26, 1820. He was a blacksmith, as were all his brothers and his father before. His mother was Helen L. Veslage, a native of Hanover who survived her first husband, and in 1823, married Dr. J. C. A. Seeger, who came to the US in 1831. In 1832 he was joined by his wife and one subject. The family settled in Philadelphia, PA in September 1832 where Mr. Oetgen learned the shoemaker's trade. Mr. Oetgen made a quick passage of 28 days and landed in NYC. In 1834 his parents came to Beardstown, and were joined a year later by our subject. They both died here, but left no children; hence Mr. Oetgen is the only one of his family living who came from Germany.
Mr. Oetgen landed in this county July 25, 1835. He began a poor boy and worked for years for $8 a month, later receiving $12.50 a month. In 1843 he farmed one year as a renter, and in 1844 purchased his first land not far from Beardstown city. This consisted of 290 acres, which he improved, and in 1859 he purchased 126 acres in section 20, township 18, range 11 where he now lives. He later added 12 acres and then 70 acres more and again 80 acres, all of which is valuable and some of whish is worth more than $100 an acre. He has been one of the leading men of the county, and has had all the experiences of a pioneer. Being a smart and intelligent man, he has a fine memory and can tell in a very interesting manner of the condition of things in the past history of the county. He has been a good citizen.
He married in Cass County Catherine Middlebusher, born in Hanover, near Osnabruck, December 23, 1826 and came to the US in 1835 and Cass County with her parents, Adam and Petro N. (Ketwick) Middlebusher, who died here of cholera two weeks after landing in Beardstown. Mrs. Oetgen was yet very young when her parents died and was partly reared by the mother and stepfather of Mr. Oetgen. She was married April 7, 1843 to Mr. Oetgen and has proved herself a good, true wife. They are the parents of eight children of whom Mary and Hannah died young. John died in Beardstown, leaving a wife and two bright children. He had been educated in Poughkeepsie, NY and was a bookkeeper for Henry Keil. At the time of his death, he was a promising young man and a worthy member of the family. Other children: Helen Fricke of Lafayette County, MO, Henry William who married Augusta Hansmier, a farmer in Schuyler County, and George C who married Henrietta Reichert, and also on the old homestead: Martha, wife of Louis Leonhard, working for Mr. Oetgen farm in this township, and Edward L., on the home farm. The latter was appointed in 1890 as a census enumerator in this county. The children are all smart and self-sustaining and are all active Republicans. They were all members of the Lutheran Church.
B. Wilhelmina Paulina, b. 1861. M. Henry Thos. Stock on 12 March 1885 in Beardstown where they made their home. Called "Minnie".
C. Katherine Elizabeth: b. 4 November 1866 m. John F. Duvall
D. William H. (Hoy?) b. 5 April 1868 m Hallie Smith who was born 18 April 1872. William died 14 January 1907; Hallie died 13 July 1938; both are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Beardstown. Wm. And Hallie had Erma, Harold, Clifford, Roy, Mabel, and Frances (mentioned in their grandfather's will)
Family links:  Spouse:     Catherina Elizabeth Schmidt Hansmeyer (1836 - 1899)
 Children:   William H. Hansmeyer (1868 - 1907)*
Copy from: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=HANS&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSst=16&GScntry=4&GSsr=2561&GRid=62026047&
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery ; Beardstown; Cass County; Illinois, USA.     Plot: Henry and Catharina Schmidt Hansmeyer



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